Shipping conditions/Terms and Conditions

The shipping conditions

Conditions for shipping your packages to Germany and worldwide:

We offer shipping services for parcels from Mallorca to Germany and, if necessary, worldwide.

These packages are brought from Mallorca to Germany at least once a week as an addition to our own packages by a freight forwarder or a Spanish parcel service.

We will provide the packages with sufficient postage and we will create appropriate address labels based on the consignor’s information.

The collection points do not have parcel labels! In Germany the packages are then sent using various methods

Delivered to the recipient by parcel services/forwarding companies. The standard insurance cover per package is 500.00 euros or 520.00 euros per package. The insurance conditions of the parcel services (Hermes, DPD, SEUR) also apply.

The following are excluded from transport:

  • Money, securities, credit, check and telephone cards or comparable certificates of value
  • Precious metals, jewelry, gemstones, real pearls, furs, carpets, watches, antiques, works of art, vouchers and tickets with a value of more than 500 euros per package;
  • Delicate or fragile goods;
  • Packages whose contents, transport or external design violate legal regulations;
  • Firearms in accordance with the German Weapons Act or in accordance with the legal definitions of the destination country or a transit country as well as parts of firearms for cross-border shipping;
  • drugs and any medicines;
  • Packages that are likely to cause injury to persons or property damage; perishable goods; live or dead animals;
  • Medical or biological examination material; medical waste; human or animal remains, body parts or organs;
    Dangerous goods and dangerous goods in limited quantities;
  • Cash on delivery of freight and valuables;
    in the case of cross-border transport, goods whose import or export is prohibited under the regulations of the respective shipping, transit or destination countries or requires special permits;
  • We further reserve the right to refuse packages for transport. If there are multiple shipments from one sender to one recipient, we expressly reserve the right to combine individual packages into one shipment if this does not result in any restrictions on the original packages. Of course, only the originally delivered package sizes are used for calculation.

The consignor must also note the following:

The prices stated apply exclusively to rectangular shipments packed in cardboard boxes with a maximum size of 180 cm (total longest + shortest side, maximum dimensions 120 x 60 x 60 cm).

  • For used packaging, all misleading information, e.g. B. remove old address data.
  • Every shipment handed over to us for transport requires a complete address and sender details from the consignor, including a callback number and/or an email address.
  • Consignments must be securely packaged by the consignor according to content, type of shipment and scope to ensure that no damage occurs during transport and that the contents are protected from loss and damage.
  • Packaging always includes suitable outer packaging, suitable inner packaging and a secure closure.
  • The outer packaging must do justice to the contents and be designed in such a way that the packaged items do not fall out, do not damage other shipments and are not damaged themselves.
  • Adequate internal packaging must be provided and supplemented with fillers.
  • The packaging of transport-sensitive items must be tailored to their particular sensitivity in order to take into account the nature, quantity and all other special features of the respective contents in each individual case.
  • The packaging must safely protect the contents of the shipment from stresses to which it is normally exposed during shipping (e.g. due to pressure, shock, falling, vibration or temperature influences).
  • Transport requires packaging that also protects the goods from stress caused by automatic sorting systems and mechanical handling (drop height on edge, corner or side of approx. 80 cm) and, if necessary, from different climatic conditions and does not allow access to the contents without leaving traces. The consignor must check whether commercial/sales packaging meets these requirements.
  • We are not liable for damages in connection with the transport of shipments that do not comply with the conditions.
  • Outer packaging must be sufficiently strong and pressure-resistant. It must also be sufficiently large to accommodate all contents and the necessary inner packaging parts. It must not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the type and value of the goods.
  • The inner packaging must hold the contents in place and provide cushioning on all sides towards the outer packaging and, in the case of several contents, between each other. For individual shipping, additional packaging measures (e.g. molded foam) are absolutely necessary as transport packaging.
  • To seal the packages, resistant materials (e.g. tear-resistant, self-adhesive plastic packing tapes or fiber-reinforced wet adhesive tapes) must be used to guarantee the integrity of the shipment. The heavier a shipment is, the more resistant the closure must be.
  • Packaging or closures must not have any sharp edges, corners or points such as protruding nails, staples, wood splinters or wire ends. The packaging must completely enclose the transported goods.
  • If damage is visible externally when the shipment is delivered, report this directly to the deliverer upon delivery. The delivery person then hands out a damage notification card. Please fill out this damage notification card and send it directly to the delivery company.
  • If the damage is discovered after delivery, a reporting period of 3 days from delivery must be observed.
  • Please contact us using our contact form and provide the following information:
  • Your shipment or order number as well as sender and recipient addresses.
  • Information on the contents of the shipment and the type of damage, a description of the inner and outer packaging used and information on the damage to the packaging.
  • the original purchase invoice.
  • The damage notification card handed out by the delivery person, if available.
  • Shipments that cannot be delivered or shipments that have not been paid for will be stored by us for a maximum of 4 weeks and then destroyed or recycled.
  • Please let us know your bank details for possible regulation. After reporting the damage, you will receive a letter or email describing how to proceed.
  • The liability is a maximum of €500 per shipment for parcels and a maximum of €50 for parcels.

You were on holiday in Mallorca and realized at home that you forgot something in the rental car, hotel or holiday finca.

No problem!

We will pick it up for you, pack it safely and send it to you in Germany or anywhere in the world.

We only charge a flat rate of 35.00 euros for collection, packaging, the required materials, etc., regardless of where on the island the collection has to take place.

In addition, there is only the postage for the package size. Since in most cases it only involves “small things”, such as the cell phone, the navigation system, the identification documents, etc., we can offer this service for a total price starting at 45.00 euros.

If it is something larger, the total price will increase by the postage for the respective package class. The price of the package classes is independent of weight (as long as it is under 31.5 kg). The price is calculated solely based on the package size.

Would you like to enjoy this great olive oil, the excellent wine, the delicious sobrasada at home? We would be happy to buy for you here on site and send it safely packaged directly to your home. Simply send us a wish list.

We also offer this service for a flat rate of just 35.00 euros plus.


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Informationen zum Versand vor Weihnachten:

Damit Ihre Weihnachtspakete noch vor Weihnachten ankommen, müssen die Pakete bis spätestens Montag, 11.12.23 bzw. Dienstag, 12.12.23 in den Annahmestellen sein. Bitte informieren Sie sich rechtzeitig, wann die Abholungen stattfinden. 

Der letzte Versand in diesem Jahr ist am 20.12.23. Paketabholungen finden Montags 18.12.23 und Dienstags 19.12.23 statt. Bitte informieren Sie sich rechtzeitig, wann die Abholungen in den einzelnen Annahmestellen stattfinden, damit die Pakete noch abgeholt werden. 

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